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We go there.

From the jungles of Brazil to the beaches of Thailand, we go straight to the source. To turn the freshest fruit into the best tasting juices, we get out of the office and into the fields. We climb the trees, meet the growers, and find out for ourselves what it takes to say, “This is truly the best.”

Live Zola

See what it means to Live Life to the Fullest. At Zola, it means doing what you're passionate about and doing it right. Even if you have to go to the ends of the Earth.

Our favorite places

Meet the people of Zola. See who we are. And discover where we go. At Zola we work hard and we travel far. Check out our favorite places to kick back, step out, and dig in to local culture.

Heather Carleton

Lake Tahoe, California
My happy place. I love to hike the beautiful mountains and kayak around the lakes while indulging in my favorite chocolates.

Clint Melchor

Las Vegas, Nevada
Gambling, drinking, and eating 24/7. Paradise on earth.

Juan Molina

Dominican Republic
Where my heart belongs.

Jon Weber

Copenhagen, Denmark
Being in Denmark allowed me to reconnect with my Viking roots. It’s no wonder I love the water.

Victor Padilla

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
Love walking the cobblestone roads of Old San Juan. The architecture is absolutely beautiful…from the colorful stucco homes to the shimmering brick roads.

Robin Ynes

Reignier, France
Great memories of sipping wine in cellars dating back hundreds of years. The quintessential countryside experience.

Ali Roberts

Paris, France
My favorite place to wander and experience endless art and fashion.

Ryan Stover

County Kerry, Ireland
Nothing beats seeing family and the land in which my grandparents grew up!

Faryn Schatz

Madrid, Spain
It has amazing nightlife and is a city that rarely sleeps, unless it’s the middle of the afternoon…on a weekday

Vicky Lee

Mythological and full of history.

Rosa Compean

Mt. Kilimanjaro
To challenge myself to new heights!

Doug Simons

Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
The only place where you can see 2 oceans meet: the Atlantic and the Indian. Absolutely incredible.

Chris Cuvelier

Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Sun, surf & sand meets the passion and energy of Brazil. Eating an Acai bowl on the beach is incredible.

Jenn Chan

Machu Picchu, Peru
Backpacked with my best friend for 3 weeks and accomplished my birthday wish.

Matthew Collins

El Salvador
Warm water, warm people, and warm papusas!

Ethan Edmisten

Miami, Florida
Great music scene and I love all the Latin American food.

Ben Winter

I love that everything is a quick walk or a quick train ride away!

Matthew Royer

Boston, Massachusetts
My wonderful hometown.

Devin Cardoza

St. Helena, CA
Skateboarding and wine seemingly don’t go together but the nicest skate park tucked away in the middle of wine country? Yes!

Praf Patel

Pacific Northwest
Love the greenery year round, snowcapped mountains in the winter, and great outdoor activities all year.

Cindy Claunch

Maui, Hawaii
Fun in the sun, tropical flowers, beaches, biking down the Crater after watching the sunrise, and of course eating fresh fruit and fish tacos. Oh and cute tan surfers!

Dana Mares

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii
I love the warm water, beautiful beach & Hawaiian Mai Tais.

Lara Pati

New Zealand
It has amazing scenery: towering mountains, lush rainforests, crystal clear lakes. And the people are relaxed and friendly!

Matt Lai

Milford Sound, New Zealand
Such a majestic place that shows the simplicity of how beautiful nature can be along with the natural changes of the world over time.

Arnupap Baramee

Maya Bay, Phuket, Thailand
Thailand is so hot that I always find myself in white sand and clear sea.

Carmen Chau

Always enjoy the food, fruit and people. Most of the Thai people I know are quite creative, original and genuine.