Good Practices.

We believe in making the best tasting products and doing things right. It’s pretty simple…high quality fruits make the best tasting products. That's why we go straight to the source. From the jungles of Brazil to the coconut groves of Thailand, we’re proud of our long-lasting relationships with partners around the world who are essential to the quality of our products.

That’s why we’re passionate about doing business right—by our customers and by our growers. From the Açaí harvester 60-feet up a palm tree to the farmer out in the coconut groves, we treat the people we work with ethically, and with respect. We believe in our product and the people who make it great.



Good Products.

Recipe for Great Taste: Grow local, source local, produce local. Ship global. We go straight to the source and find out for ourselves what it takes to say, “This is truly the best.” With Açaí, our production facilities are located close to where the Açaí berries are grown. We pick and pulp fast to lock in the fresh berry taste. With Coconuts, we source only the best tasting varieties and crack them at their peak of perfection. The result…a great tasting and nutritious product each time.

10 years ago, Zola was the first company to bring Açaí juice to the US. Today we continue to create innovative products that combine great taste with functionality. As health-conscious consumers continue to seek ways to eat and drink better, we are dedicated to meet their needs with real products made from whole ingredients.

Açaí Juice

At Zola, we harvest only the highest quality Açaí. And because we know how important it is to go from berry to bottles fast, our pulping facility is close to the trees where the berries are picked. This way, we can turn the Açaí into pulp quickly and lock in the freshest flavor.

Coconut Water

From tree to table, we’re committed to bringing the best tasting Coconut Water to you. Zola employees are on the ground to select the tastiest varieties and work directly with local suppliers, so we can be assured only the most flavorful coconuts go into making Zola Coconut Water.


At Zola we believe sustainable growing, harvesting, and packaging isn’t just the right thing to do for the planet, it’s the right way to run our business. In Brazil that means we help our Brazilian partners earn more money from harvesting Açaí berries year after year than they would chopping down the palms for short-term profits.

When it comes to sustainability here at home, we use recyclable cans and bottles. We also use Tetra-Pak, a packaging system that ensures the product is safe while retaining nutrients and flavor. It is made from renewable materials, recyclable paperboard and requires no refrigeration when distributed and stored, which means a lower carbon footprint.


What is Zola?

Founded in 2002, Zola is the maker of the top-selling *Coconut Water and Açaí Juices in the Unites States. (AC Neilson TOTAL US FOOD, 52 weeks ending June 2013)

What inspired you to start your business?

Zola began as an Açaí Juice company. In 2001 Chris Cuvelier, CEO, was in the juice and smoothie industry and traveled to Brazil and tasted Açaí­. He realized what a great tasting and nutritionally packed berry it was, and so Zola became the first to bring bottled Açaí Juice to the U.S. Zola then expanded into Coconut Water, traveling the world until they found the most delicious coconuts.

What is your company’s mission?

At Zola, we are fanatical about traveling the globe in search of the best ingredients. Our mission is to go straight to the source to bring you the best tasting and nutritious fruits with which to fuel your body so you can Live Life to the Fullest.

What does Zola mean?

Our first product was Açaí­ (Ah-sigh-ee), which is hard to pronounce if you’ve never heard it before. We wanted a short, strong memorable word to stand for our brand. So we combined the word Sol or Sola, (for sun), and took the Z from Amazon and came up with Zola.

Who drinks Zola?

Active, health-conscious people who want high quality, great tasting products, love our Coconut Water and Açaí Juice.

Are Zola’s products organic?

Yes, Zola Coconut Waters and Açaí Juices are made with natural ingredients. Zola Açaí Juices are also USDA Organic Certified.

How about Vegan, Kosher, and Gluten Free?

Zola’s Açaí­ Juices are Vegan, Kosher, and Gluten Free. Zola’s Coconut Waters are Gluten Free and Vegan.

Is Zola Açaí Juice pasteurized?

Yes. Zola’s Açaí­ Juice is aseptically processed and pasteurized using high temperature for less than 4 seconds, then filled into the bottle cold. This ensures product safety while maintaining optimal nutrients, color and taste.

Do the bottles or cans contain BPA?

Our Açaí­ Juice uses PET bottles made from recyclable plastic and are BPA Free. Our Coconut Water 1L Tetra Pak and cans do not contain BPA either.

Are the bottles or cans recyclable?

Our Açaí­ Juice uses PET bottles made from recyclable plastic and BPA Free. Our Coconut Water cans are 100% recyclable. Our 1-liter Coconut Water uses Tetra-pak packaging which uses renewable materials, recyclable paperboard and requires no refrigeration when distributed and stored, which means a lower carbon footprint.

What is Tetra Pak? Why do you use it?

Tetra Pak is a packaging system that ensures the product is safe while retaining nutrients and flavor. Tetra Pak allows products to be shelf stable without adding preservatives. It is made from renewable materials, recyclable paperboard and requires no refrigeration when distributed and stored, which means a lower carbon footprint.

Do Zola products need to be refrigerated?

Nope. Store your Zola products wherever you’d like! For best taste we recommend you chill Zola before drinking. And always refrigerate after opening.

How is Zola Coconut Water different than other brands?

Zola Coconut Water tastes amazing. We go directly to the source and get the best tasting coconuts, which results in a fresher, cleaner, and slightly sweeter flavor than most coconut waters on the market. Zola also has a great assortment of flavors including Original, With Pulp, Espresso, and Lemonade.

What’s the difference between coconut water and coconut milk?

Coconut water is the clear liquid found inside a coconut when it is cracked. Coconut milk is produced by pressing the white meat of the coconut with water to make a rich, white liquid that is often used in cooking.

How should I use Zola Coconut Water?

Drink it anytime you need to hydrate. Zola makes a fantastic smoothie base, tastes great in cocktails (think Coconut Water ice cubes), and makes amazing popsicles. Athletes and active people prefer the natural goodness, nutrition, and taste of Zola Coconut Water to sports drinks loaded with sugar, preservatives and chemicals.

How are Zola’s Açaí Juices different than other brands of Açaí­ Juice?

We take great pride in harvesting and pulping our Açaí­ quickly, which gives it the fresh Zola taste. Our Açaí­ pulping facility is located near the Açaí­ trees so we can go from berry to juice in a day. This is the secret that gives our Açaí the fresh Zola taste.

Why do you add sugar to the Açaí Juice?

Açaí juice straight from the pulp tastes earthy. We follow a traditional Brazilian recipe to make our Açaí, adding just enough organic cane sugar to bring out the flavor notes of the Açaí.

How should I use Zola Açaí?

Zola Açaí­ Juice provides powerful nutrition for overall health and wellness. Many people drink Zola Açaí in the morning (as a juice or in a smoothie) instead of orange juice. Others use it for an afternoon pick-me-up or to provide a snack between meals. Athletes and active people prefer the natural goodness and taste of Açaí to sports drinks loaded with sugar, preservatives and chemicals.

Can I freeze Zola?

Yes, but for best results we suggest pouring Zola Açaí or Coconut Water into containers that are freezer-ready. Zola Açaí­ or Coconut Water makes great popsicles!

How can I get sponsored by Zola?

At this moment we don’t sponsor individual athletes of sports teams. But we do love to help out community groups and non-profits that promote healthy living events. If you love Zola and want to spread the love with a Zola donation, send us a note and tell us about yourself:

Why does Zola add sugar to its Coconut Water?

Not every coconut is exactly the same, including levels of sweetness, even when coconuts come from the same harvest. We include “less than 1% cane sugar” on our label because on occasion, we add a little sugar during processing to adjust the sweetness and to ensure consistency in flavor and texture. By doing this, our customers can rest assured they’re getting the same best tasting Coconut Water can after can.

What kind of sugar are you adding?

Pure cane sugar.