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Welcome Luca Padua!

Wondering what the next generation Big Wave surfer will look like?  Well, look no further than 16 year old Luca Padua from Half Moon Bay, CA.
Luca is an example of a young man who has big dreams, believes strongly, works hard and has seen many dreams come true.   It’s a story that has already inspired many others.
With a love for the ocean, Luca joined the Junior Lifeguard Program in Half Moon Bay in the summer of 2010.  At 8 years old he was pushed into his first wave and has never looked back.  At 13, he fulfilled one big dream and became the youngest surfer to paddle in to the legendary break, Mavericks.  Today, Luca is recognized globally as one of top up and coming big wave surfers and has been officially invited as an alternate to the World Surf League 2018 Mavericks Challenge.
With a passion for surfing, commitment to training and safety, and excellence in academics, Luca relies on Plant Powered Hydration to take his performance to the next level.  It’s why he chooses to #LIVEZOLA.

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