Philosophy – Zola – Coconut Water Organic Acai Juice Hydrating Energy Drinks


Our logo represents people, plant-power and hydration – the energy trifecta that we source to produce naturally hydrating beverages to fuel you.


The passion from our founder to continuously refresh those looking for delicious and functional beverages.


All of our products are produced using only vegan ingredients, and are powered by the hydrating coconuts, nourishing Açaí berries, and plant-based ingredients only Mother Nature can provide.


Naturally hydrating benefits straight from the coconuts and plant-powered ingredients we source to replenish you.


From the jungles of Brazil to the coconut groves of Thailand, we’re proud of our long-lasting relationships with partners around the world who are essential to the quality of our products.

That’s why we’re passionate about doing business right—by our customers and by our growers. From the Açaí harvester 30-feet up a palm tree to the farmer out in the coconut groves, we treat the people we work with ethically, and with respect. We believe in our product and the people who make it great.

We also believe sustainable growing, harvesting, and packaging isn’t just the right thing to do for the planet, it’s the right way to run our business. In Brazil that means we help our Brazilian partners earn more money from harvesting Açaí berries year after year than they would chopping down the palms for short-term profits.

When it comes to sustainability here at home, we use recyclable cans and bottles. We also use Tetra-Pak, a packaging system that ensures the product is safe while retaining nutrients and flavor. It is made from renewable materials, recyclable paperboard and requires no refrigeration when distributed and stored, which means a lower carbon footprint.


In 2001, our CEO Chris Cuvelier was in the juice and smoothie industry, where he first heard of Açaí. He was blown away by how much flavor and nutrition were packed into these little berries. Açaí berries inspired Chris to start Zola and become the first beverage company to bring bottled Açaí Juice into the United States.

Chris didn’t want to stop at Açaí – he wanted to expand Zola to include coconuts, his favorite source of hydration after a good surf session. He tasted coconuts from around the world until he found the most delicious variety, which led him to Thailand.

Since the early days of Zola we have sourced the best plant-powered ingredients, and combine them with Mother Nature’s best source of electrolytes and hydration to produce great tasting beverages to fuel you. Chris continues to find the best sources of plant-powered hydration to deliver better-for-you functional beverages to fuel you wherever the day takes you.


Plant-Powered Hydration is a delicious and easy way to get all-important replenishment from coconuts, Açaí berries and only the best plant-based ingredients Mother Nature can supply.

Our commitment to delivering plant-powered hydration ensures that you’re nourished by the nutrition and hydration that is key to healthy body functions. This includes maintaining mental focus, balancing your pH levels, stabilizing your core temperature, and delivering important nutrients that your body needs.