Welcome to the Live Zola Blog – Zola – Plant-Powered Hydration

Welcome to the Live Zola Blog

Hello there interweb, welcome to the Live Zola BLOG!  

What’s this all about, you ask?  Well, we know that you’ve already heard all about our delicious plant-powered beverages that deliver hydration and…  Yeah, yeah, we got all that.  But what you’re really wondering is, what’s up with this Live Zola business?

Ah ha!

For starters, we like to point to that excited little character in the middle of the Zola logo with their arms raised high, shrouded in a water splash and a leafy plant-crown.  That triumphant pose captures the moment of exhilaration when you’re inspired to raise your arms up high in celebration of an accomplishment, and to us, no accomplishment is too small to celebrate. 

So, whether you’re a professional athlete channeling a lifetime of training, sweat, and tears into crushing a lifelong goal, or an “average” Joe conquering their first 5k, there’s something magical in that moment when time stops and you achieve something new.  I’m certain that’s how Z-Team Member Slater Trout felt back in 2015 when he both won and broke the previous SUP race record at the grueling Dusi Marathon in South Africa (more on that here), and I can definitely testify to feeling that when I won my first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu match, despite spending more time perched in an office chair ensuring that design is tight, suppliers don’t ghost on projects, and our latest IG post goes up in a timely fashion than sweating on the mats.

We know that growing as individuals comes incrementally by no other means than putting yourself out there, and that it’s all relative.  Accomplishments big and small bring with them the rewards of personal growth and discovery that were fueled by moments of inspiration.  Those moments are for everybody, and that’s how you Live Zola.

Whew – if you don’t know, now you know!  Check out the video above to watch Live Zola come to life in the words and actions of our Z-Team members themselves, who inspire us day in and day out.


Devin & The Zola Team

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