Dragon Fruit Mojito Recipe

Hello again friends! 

As those Spring showers fade, things are heating up and summer is right around the corner.  Well, sort of…  We’re based in San Francisco, a city distinguished for many things, but least of which is the sun.  While we may have to hold out until October to try this refreshingly delicious take on a Mojito – you don’t have to! 

We’re typically focused on the functional benefits of plant-powered beverages that encourage wellness and unlocking inspiration from within, however we also believe in balance.  Maintaining it, that is – NOT what you achieved at that regrettable Spring Break you’d rather not remember.  That’s why we love a deliciously creative cocktail or two (not twenty!) at the wrap of a hard-worked week, particularly when it involves some Zola.  So, close that spreadsheet and enjoy this one on us.



  • Muddle mint and lime slices in glass
  • Add ice and pour in Zola Dragon Fruit Hydrating Energy Drink
  • Mix Zola Original Coconut Water and Copalli Rum in separate shaker
  • Pour onto spoon over glass to create color gradient (fancy!)
  • Garnish with lime slice and mint

You can use any rum, but we’re super stoked on the brand Copalli because of their vertically integrated distillery in Beautiful Belize that delivers thoughtful, certified organic farm-to-flask rums.  Their White Rum has a clean taste and is distilled from sugar cane (as opposed to the typical molasses used in most rums) grown on their farms with canopy water from the Belizean rainforest that brings us back to our roots.

If us San Franciscans are lucky enough for an extended cameo by that great ball of fire this weekend, we’ll be ready to storm those rooftops with our Dragon Fruit Mojito’s in tow.  Have a great weekend all, and please, always drink responsibly!  Not doing so could land you an unwanted guest spot here.  Seriously!

Much love,

Team Zola